Certification Program in

Advanced Artificial Intelligence

CAAI is an intensive application oriented, real-world scenario based program in Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is a intensive skill oriented, practical training program required for building Applications using various techniques. It is designed to give the participant enough exposure to the variety of applications that can be built using techniques covered under this program.


This program strives to increase the learning of various tools, techniques and methods of various AI/ML techniques. The emphasis is on applying these techniques to the real-world systems and be able to build AI based systems.


Acquire advanced Data Analysis skills. Learn from an experienced faculty who have worked extensively in AI Research and Industry.


Stay Industry relevant and grow in your career. With the continuous learning, keep abreast of the skills to stay industry relevant for a rewarding careers.


Create AI solutions for various business problems. With a good grasp of the essential concepts, create new and innovative solutions to the emerging challenges in the business.


Build and deploy production grade AI applications. Achieve mastery over a wide range of AI applications in various domains such as retail and financial services etc.,


Apply AI methods, techniques and tools immediately. Gain an appreciation to identify and create solutions for the problems utilizing various AI Techniques.


AI is a broad, multidisciplinary field in computer science that requires a range of skills in statistics, mathematics and business analysis. We have identified essential areas of Predictive Modeling, Machine Learning and Neural Networks to give participants the tools to build innovative solutions.

Predictive Analytics

4 weekends

This module covers the methods, methodologies and techniques of statistics and probability.These techniques are helpful to obtain supporting evidence, identify factors to construct models, uncover relationships and understand variation in the processes. Regression (glm) and Time Series models are used to predicting an outcome.

Machine Learning

6 weekends

Machine learning are set of powerful techniques to learn hidden patterns, predict and categorize objects based on various features with out being explicitly programmed. This will revolutionize the enterprise applications by its ability to learn and adopt to new circumstances without much human intervention. These methods have innumerable use cases in CRM, Fraud detection, Portfolio Management, Sales and Marketing.

Neural Networks

6 weekends

Artificial Intelligence is utilized heavily in computizing cognitive functions such as speech and Vision. Often these functions are achieved through the use of Neural Networks. In this module, we will study very popular NN architectures for achieving various cognitive functions such as Object recognition, natural language processing besides explore reinforcement learning.

Case Studies

2 weekends

These case studies needs tha application of a range of AI/ML techniques learned during the course. The Data-Hack type of approach to these Case studies provides a quick, intensive, competitive activity culminating application and intellectual experience for the participants. It is similar to a mini-project with an informal presentation of the results.



  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degrees in Computer Science or Engineering or Management.
  • Comfortable with Mathematics and Statistics.
  • Computer Programming Exposure
  • Working experience of at least an year


18 Weekends (Sat, Sun 9am – 5pm)

4 Modules

  • Predictive Analytics (4 weekends)
  • Machine Learning (6 weekends)
  • Artificial Intelligence (6 weekends)
  • Case Studies (2 weekends)


INR 1,20,000 + GST


INR 5,000


16 hours (weekends)
16 hours of classroom learning 
6 – 8 hours for

  • Pre-study
  • Assignments
  • Projects

Program Starts

27 APRIL 2019

Your AI Journey Starts in



Our mentors are highly qualified and accomplished with exposure to Industry and Academic practices. All of them have been working and teaching in the areas of Machine Learning and Quantitative analyses for decades.



Prof. R.B.V. Subramaanyam has interests in Data Mining – Association Rules, Sequential Patterns, Temporal data mining, Fuzzy Data Mining, Big Data Analytics ; Distributed Data Mining; Graph Databases; Pattern Recognition; Soft Computing. He has Masters and PhD from IIT Kharagpur.



Dr. Radha has Industry and academic experience of 26+ years. At Infosys Labs, he led research projects on futuristic Analytical solutions. Earlier he worked with IDRBT and NIC. His areas of interests are CRM, social network mining, Web, Sequence, text & image mining. He has double PhDs from Osmania University and IIIT-Hyderabad. He has 9 patents, authored 6 books and 100 publications.



Dr. V. Ravindranath is a veteran academecian with deep interest in the application machine learning algorithms in practial problems. He has conducted many workshops related to Big Data and Data Science. He is an alumni of IIT Kharagpur and IIT Delhi.



Nagesh is a researcher with IDRBT with interests in machine learning, distributed computing and database systems. His current research is on mixed script social media text analysis, posterior constrained topic modeling, semi-supervised learning with posterior regularization etc. He is an Alumni of NIT Warangal and IISc Bangalore.



Bhat Dittakavi is a seasoned and serial entrepreneur with 21+ years of technology experience in all things data including 18 years of technology entrepreneurship in business analytics and artificial intelligence. Bhat has co-founded, bootstrapped, built and scaled VEDICSOFT, an NJ based analytics solutions company, from zero to $40 million in sales. He is an Alumni of NIT Warangal and ISB.



Surya provided thought leading, practical, cutting edge solutions in the areas of BI and Analytics to transform Fortune 500 Clients. He architected commercial Analytical Applications for Cusotmer Insight (Capptix) , Product MDM (epaCUBE) and Procurement Optimization (SolPro). He is an AI evangelist and community gardner for Hyderabad Data Science Group. He is an Alumni of SV University and IIT, Kharagpur.


Our program focus on enhancing experiential learning using the real datasets and providing a basis for real-world applications. One of the goals of this program is to impart required skill for the participants to built successful careers in Artificial Intelligence.


This is a full contact, instructor led classroom program with a healthy Student teacher ratio. There are over 60 contact classes and over 60 lab sessions. All the material like study material, slideware and exercises are available in the LMS.

Guest Lectures

The Academy conducts various meetups, workshops as a part of their academic activities. This provides opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and learn about the real-world use cases from the Industry besides top class research insights from academecians. Occassionally, there will be tutorials and walkthroughs from the guest faculty to enrich the learning experience from the program.

Computing Labs

The academy has set up a Computing infrastructure for processing datasets that are used as part of the program. We have also set up GPU enabled computing facility for executing Deep neural networks. The lab facilities are available within the network 24x7.

Alumni Connect

The pedigree of NIT Warangal is well known. As a participant of the Academy's certificate program, there are continuous off-line engagement of mentors. Besides this, periodic workshops on the new techniques/strides in the AI/ML are conducted to ensure the connect is nurtured.


The Inaugural and Valedictory functions will be conducted @ E& ICT Academy. There will be at least 2 Residencies during the weekends based out of NIT Warangal's Campus. We believe, this enhances the Institute-Participant connect.

Career Assistance

Our career transformation partners will conduct career transition, resume building workshops and helps finding right opportunities with potential employers.


Step 1


Upload Resume. Pay Registration Fee. The Registration Fee will be refunded, if the qualification criteria is not met..

Step 2


The Pre-requisites mainly include learning Programming languages such as R and Python. This needs some fundamentals of math like Linear Algebra, Calculus, Statistics revisited/revised. Pre-requisite content is curated by the NIT Academy and could be from our partner - Edureka or Youtube videos)

Step 3

Admission Test

There will be an admission test. This test will have questions on Problem solving, general aptitude, foundational math, and the exposure to a programming language (R or Python) as needed by the program



Upon successfully clearing the admissions test, pay the fee according to the “fee” structure and Options. This completes the enrolment process for the program.


Our participants comes from different backgrounds and with different aspirations and learning objectives. Our pilot batch has is roll-out successfully and the following is what they had to say about the program.

This is a comprehensive program that balances the breadth and depth. The mentors are top class. They patiently explain core concepts.

Tharun Santosh

It Analyst, TCS

This program helped me propose new solutions to our customers. The subject matter is dealt with keeping in mind the practitioner.

Karthik Cholasamudram

Sr Software Engineer, Realpage

The emphasis of this program is how various data analysis techniques are used in real-world business scenarios. Application of various techniques was brought forth quite nicely!

Adiya Reddy

Software Engineer - Forefront

I did the fulltime learning AIML. I am very happy with the time I dedicated to learn the subject from this program. I have learned a lot from the labs and home exercises. The additional resources provided in the course.

Aruna Malla

Team Lead, KPIT

This course has helped me position myself in the current organization as a person knowledgeable in ML. I have transitioned to the new role with out many challenges. Thanks to the leanings imaprted as a part of this class!


CSE, Amazon

Four gruelling months of intense learning can be tricky for those who cannot commit to learn from this course. I am fortunate to find enough time to put in the class work and labs exercises. It is exhilirating to solving many kaggle problems after the class!

Mahesh Gajarla

Sofware Engineer, Itelligence


NIT-Warangal is a premier institute of national importance in India known for imparting technical education of high standards. Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has set up E&ICT Academy at NIT Warangal to improve the quality of technical manpower in emerging areas of Computer Science, Electronics and Information Communication Technologies. Specialized continuous education programs on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and IoT are the priority areas approved by MeitY for this Academy.

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